Monday, January 07, 2019

Researchers From Wandera Discover 14 games From Apple Appstore That Reached Out To Golduck Malware For Android Server.

Usually we tend to assume Apple's App Store to have fewer security concerns or none and totally opposite about the Google Play Store. It looks like some questionable apps have slipped through the strict quality control.
Security researchers from Wandera found out that 14 games that communicated with the same server used to control Golduck malware for Android. They also mentioned that the apps themselves appeared innocuous, they were loaded with ads. These ads themselves could have gained permission from unsuspecting users to add malware, externally from Appstore, Wandera told TechCrunch.
It is estimated that the 14 apps had been downloaded closer to 1 million times and that does not bid well with the risks associated.
Those 14 apps include, Commando Metal: Classic ContraSuper Pentron Adventure: Super HardClassic Tank vs Super BomberSuper Adventure of MaritronRoy Adventure Troll GameTrap Dungeons: Super AdventureBounce Classic LegendBlock GameClassic Bomber: Super LegendBrain It On: Stickman PhysicsBomber Game: Classic BombermanClassic Brick – Retro BlockThe Climber Brick, and Chicken Shoot Galaxy Invaders.
May be is is a good idea to delete those and find better games 


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