Friday, January 25, 2019

USA Ends The Drought Of Elected Officials At ITU, The International Telecommunication Union After 25 Years

It is time to congratulate  Doreen Bogdan-Martin for her election and an overdue renewal of U.S. participation on the elected leadership team of the ITU. Congratulations also goes to the U.S. government for ending the vacuum of elected U.S. Official since 1994, over 24 years.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) overlooks international communications and information technology, regulatory, and policy issues. It is an organization within the United Nations It started the life as the International Telegraph Union in 1865.  Its roles in include efficient sharing of spectrum and compatibility of communications technologies for all types of uses.

From 1950 onward, U.S. was often present as one of the full-time elected positions, with special emphasis on the Radio communications activities of the ITU.  U.S. representative served as the ITU Secretary General from 1960-1965 and as the head of the R sector from 1966-1994.  However, in 1994, a new U.S. candidate to head the R sector was defeated.  From that election loss until 2018, the U.S. did not run a candidate for any of the full-time elected positions at the ITU. But that came to an end when at the Plenipotentiary Conference in November 2018, Doreen Bogdan-Martin was elected Director of the Telecommunication Development Sector of the ITU beginning effective January 1 of this year.  She is the first woman ever elected to a full-time elected position at the ITU.
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