Thursday, December 30, 2010

Verizon iPhone, A Death Ringer For AT&T?

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Might not be the death ringer but losing $6 Billion (Analyst prediction) or 10% of income is a big issue for AT&T. It had enough time but AT&T spent it's time scratching something than fixing the connectivity and network issues.I have not been happy with AT&T service at all for my iPhone(s), which we pay a hefty sum, each month. One reason that we switched from Sprint to AT&T was because we wanted iPhone experience.
The dissatisfaction with AT&T is not a remote issue, there are many people who are unhappy with AT&T, according to a recent Consumer Reports survey, 58,000 ranked AT&T to be the worst wireless carrier. I for one will go to Verizon, if I am to stay with iPhone. AT&T even hiked the early termination fee (more like an early termination scheme,) to $325 from $175, perhaps hoping to curb the flow. Well, I will still be leaving AT&T. AT&T still fail to see that people value, a good service and are willing to pay for it.
I am also wondering if Apple will add an "G" to the Verizon iPhone, making it iPhone 4G! That will throw all the analysts numbers regarding AT&T's loss out of the window, that the industry is now predicting. It will be fun to watch how Verizon will advertise "Girly iPhones".
There is a good article on Businessweek, if you are interested in the Verizon iPhone and it's effects on AT&T.


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