Monday, December 06, 2010

Will Your Branch Bandwidth Support Your Cloud Migrations?

#WAAS because Your #Branch #Bandwidth Need To Support Your #Cloud Migrations!
 Many companies are moving their operations to cloud designs in an effort to consolidate the data centers and operations. In the rush, some may overlook the cost and trasport bandwidth need for smooth operations. These overlooks usually lead to higher costs in transport and hardware. In addition to moving users to the cloud, companies are also adding mobile and video applications into the mix. So how do you optimize the bandwidth and keep the users, specially the bosses happy?
Cisco says the key to the solution is to optimize the layer 4 data in your branch offices. At the same time, Cisco says deploying appliances like WAAS, Cisco Wide Area Application Services could be an over kill. So what do you do in such occasions?

Cisco is offering Cisco WAAS Express. It is already installed on Cisco ISR G2 routers, runs natively in IOS without requiring the additional Services Ready Engine (SRE) blade, and offers valuable capabilities like TCP flow optimizations, LZ compression, and data de-duplication.
You can learn more at Cisco Knowledge Network Webcasts


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