Monday, December 27, 2010

Patent Law Suit Against Skype.

#Patent #LawSuit Against #Skype
Just as Skype is picking up pieces from the recent massive Skype service outage, (Perhaps leading more people are looking to uninstall Skype, what the use of it if you could not send that lovely X-MAS message.), a company Gradient Enterprises, known to be a patent troll has filled a patent infringing suit against Skype in US courts.
The trolls are basically telling that they invented the network monitoring to which USPTO in it's wisdom granted the patent this year (the patent was filed in 2004). The U.S. patent no. 7,669,207, “METHOD FOR DETECTING, REPORTING AND RESPONDING TO NETWORK NODE-LEVEL EVENTS AND A SYSTEM THEREOF” Hopefully something good will come out of this law suite, for all of us.
The skype supernode network, which we have been advising and telling "how to be or not to be a Skype Supernode", so Skype need to be a supernode and get it's lawyer gears up and fight.
via TechCrunch


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