Wednesday, December 01, 2010

doubleTwist AirSync, iTunes For Android?

#doubleTwist #AirSync Wirelessly Syncs iTunes, Videos To Android.
doubleTwist has presented AirSync for PCs and MACs together with an app for android devices. AirSync will allow one to sync iTunes, Vidoes etc between Android devices and computers, wirelessly via home wireless network.
doubleTwist, software for Mac and PC, could be downloaded for Free.  But the Android App will cost you, $0.99 if you are in the group of first 10000 or $4.99 if you are not.Get the app from Android Market Place.
If you have ever used Apple iTunes for iPhone, you will instantly recognize the familiarity, basically if you are still an Apple fan just playing with Android phones, you can even call it iTunes for Android! even TechCrunch seem to love it;
The coolest part about AirSync is that after the initial setup, everything should work automatically. Whenever you walk within range of your wireless network, DoubleTwist (the desktop client) will detect any new content on your phone and sync it back to the computer; you can also sync new content from your computer back to your device. This means that you can go out and shoot some videos on your phone, and, provided you don’t walk immediately to your computer after getting home, they should already be waiting for you when you sit down at your desk (Ok, this also assumes you leave your computer on).


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