Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Comcast Tests Combo Set top Box For Cable TV and Internet.

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Comcast is testing a set top box, that does a smattering of Internet Videos in addition to traditional streams of cable TV. It does offer Internet videos and some social networks but not web browsing.
Comcast customers in Augusta, Georgia are searching though both the mediums and watching TV using the new experimental set-top box and service codenamed "Spectrum" and "Xcalibur,".

"We are testing many technological approaches to understand how best to meet consumer interests, and this small trial is one of those experiments," a Comcast spokeswoman told WSJ in an emailed statement.
As a customer planing to use Comcast Triple Play, I am happy to have the capability to watch internet content (am I?) while on the couch or bedroom, I doubt, Comcast to give me all the internet Videos to me on a platter. It is not in their best interest.
Other traditional TV service providers like DirecTV and new Digital TV services like. Verizon Communications are on the go as well to provide Internet to the TV. Verizon's Fios TV service offers apps for YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. AT&T Inc.'s U-verse has TV apps for sports, yellow-pages and other functions, and is testing some for social media. DirecTV is offering Internet-connected digital-video recorders that can record television shows and provide other services such as accessing Flickr and more.
I hope they will have Google Fiber in Berkeley soon, like they are doing in Stanford University right now. I will be able to get all my TV, News and everything else from that pipe, hopefully without much choke.
WSJ via Gizmodo


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