Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An American Tale, The Internet in America

Youtube and Google is synonymous with Internet and they are putting those resources and capabilities to use, to tell us all about the Internet, truly an American tale.
Even though The Internet was invented in America, few other nations like South Korea is taking the credit for most covered nations. We still have millions of users without access to a great resource that we take for granted. We start the day with the Internet and end the day with the Internet after planing tomorrow on the Internet.
But then why is this disparity? I think it is the carriers looking for locking in the profit and locking out Americans from accessing the Internet in a positive cost effective manner.
So US Government and the FCC, the Federal Communications Commission have brought up the National Broadband Plan that is being launched next Tuesday. It will layout a plan to bring all Americans on board the Internet in a fast and affordable manner.
So Google and Youtube, with the aid of the CitizenTube has launched a project to interview the chairman of FCC, Julius Genachowski for the occasion.
Starting from today, you can submit your video or text question via Google Moderator, and vote on your favorites. The interview will cover seven topics and submit your question on CitizenTube under one of the topic headings.

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Official Google Blog: The Internet in America: A YouTube Interview with the FCC


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