Thursday, June 25, 2009

Truphone For iPhone OS 3.0 Comes With VoiceMail Notification.

Truphone For iPhone OS 3.0
I just installed Truphone for iPhone OS 3.0 on my iPhone 3G. But the information I am going to give you does not come from my experience. Since I had trouble with my account and I will fix it tomorrow, when I will be able to think properly!
This is newly released iPhone OS 3.0 compatible version of Truphone for the iPhone is now available to download from iTunes Store.
In addition to all the great features, Truphone for iPhone OS 3.0 now comes with voicemail notification. This is a completely free feature just as receiving calls. Retrieving and listening to your voicemail message will not cost you a cent.

Truphone Message Waiting Alerts gives you:

  • On-screen Message Box - tells you who has called and left a message
  • App Icon Notification - tells you how many messages you have waiting
  • Real-time alerts - gives your callers confidence their message will reach you quickly
The latest Truphone for the iPod touch app (v3.0), which launched on May 31, is already compatible with the OS 3.0 software.
Truphone also mentioned, "TruLover - there is a known bug regarding adding contacts that will be resolved in the next update of the app, which is currently with Apple for approval."
(Truphone blog)


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