Sunday, March 09, 2008

Having FON In Tokyo With Free WiFi Hotspots.

Now travelling to Japan and finding a WiFi spot is easier than before and much easier if you are a FON member. Whole of Japan is dotted with Hotspots and ones with LiverDoor logo are free for a while. You can't miss the Logo, it is a slanted L with a Door!.
FON Japan (If you don't read Japanese, change the website languge by clicking on the small flag with red sun to change the language) and Livedoor have joined forces to extend the FON Community throughout Tokyo. From now until August 4, 2008, all of Livedoor’s 2,200 hotspots in Tokyo’s 23 wards (covering 80% of the area inside the Yamanote Line, one of Tokyo's busiest and most important commuter lines Tokyo) will now emit a signal called “FON_livedoor”.
To celebrate this joint service, we have also launched a “Free Access Campaign” from February 4 to April 4th, to allow even non FON members to connect to all Japanese FON Spots including the “FON_livedoor” ones for free.

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