Monday, March 31, 2008

iPhone Development Or Android Development? Both Inviting!!

Apple, Google vie for hearts (and wallets) of developers
This is the title of an excellent article on
Posted by Stefanie Olsen
It was a nice view of the current developer interest on attractive mobile platforms. The facts on iPhone development funding of 100 million and unsaid Apple iPhone Developer kit compared with Google's Android developer challenge paired with 10Million prize money makes one think that developers will flock to iPhone.
But I think Android has another big advantage, open! There  were developers that wanted to get on the iPhone platform and surprisingly denied by apple. But I have not heard of anyone getting denied by Android. As I write, my Android Development environment is running on a virtual machine on this computer. No I am not developing any applications but evaluating an application for a company that I consult. My iMac has most of the Apple developer products but iPhone developer kit.(It also has the Android Developer platform running!) One of these days I will have it because the same company I consult got the approval and I will have to go through the codes and what not. I hope I will be able to say "Google Phone Coming Soon" again and get dugg.
But I think you should read the Stefanie's article as it might shed light on darker corners of your developer desk.

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