Thursday, May 29, 2008

Service Providers, Manage Your Web Service Provider Traffic

As service providers around the world are making themselves “experience providers”, the consumption of the band with increase day by day making Service providers to check on their capacity planing capabilities. If you are a Service provider and miscalculated the demand curve or plain old fix as we go along gang member you might be in for a surprise and a bunch of problems. Either with your users who are unhappy or regulators that are happy to take a piece of remains of the liquid pie. So you will need to invest one way or the other and Cisco SP360 Blog has a nice article that you might be interested in.
It suggests that "one potential avenue for increased revenue is creative new partnerships with web service providers, or WSPs. WSPs like Google, Yahoo, MySpace, FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Travelocity, EBay and (And I think many of Unified Communications providers) others, are establishing themselves as essential to consumers, and are driving huge increases in time spent on-line and overall bandwidth consumption. Service providers to some extent are struggling to monetize this growth in traffic on their networks, and in fact, some have gotten in trouble with regulators and in the court of public opinion by trying to “manage” WSP traffic."
I really think that is one good starting point or restarting point depending on where you are in the game.
Continue here to read Cisco SP360 Article.


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