Sunday, May 04, 2008

T-Mobile and Nokia to drive the mobilization of social networks.

T-Mobile and Nokia plans to work together to provide Social Networking services to their customers via mobile devices and coupled services. First in the line are European customers and they stand to start off with high speed web'n'walk from T-Mobile and Nokia's Ovi internet services on a wide range of Nokia devices.

The companies will partner to further enhance T-Mobile's community-oriented MyFaves service, launched in October 2007 in Europe, empowered by the well-known Nokia user experience.
Widget cooperation is another focus area for the companies, where T-Mobile's leading web'n'walk offering will provide an even richer user experience. T-Mobile's web'n'walk offers customers an instant and customizable access to their most preferred Internet and messaging services.
For T-Mobile customers, Nokia will customize its devices to provide a dedicated suite of T-Mobile services which will be seamlessly integrated to Nokia devices. Similarly, T-Mobile customers can access Nokia's Internet services, such as music, maps and games, through their Nokia device, which will offer T-Mobile customers a great opportunity to enjoy best-in-class Internet services.
In March T-Mobile and Nokia announced the exclusive Nokia 6650 device for T-Mobile which will be available in July in Europe. This collaboration is the next step in intensifying the good partnership between the companies.
"We are pleased about developing our long-lasting and successful cooperation with Nokia, which underlines our position as an innovation leader," says Christopher Schläffer, Group Product & Innovation Officer at Deutsche Telekom. "High-performance devices and our broadband mobile phone network are ideally suited for granting easy access to our T-Mobile Services like MyFaves, web'n'walk or Nokia-complementary service offerings (e.g. Maps or Games), providing our customers with an even wider range of mobile communication, information and entertainment services."
"We are excited about further extending our good cooperation with T-Mobile by supporting them in their key propositions like My Faves and web'n'walk, and we see this as a perfect match with our Ovi services. Easy access to a wide variety of services will enhance the way people use their mobile devices and bring Web 2.0 experiences to life. We believe in providing consumers with choice regarding which Internet services they want to access from their mobile device," said Anssi Vanjoki, Executive Vice President, Markets, Nokia


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