Thursday, May 08, 2008

VoIP Intercom From Cyberdata.

CyberData introduced a VoIP Intercom, which is similar to a door entry phone or Apartment or Hotel keyboard switch with access control capabilities or/and as a phone with mass notification capabilities. This device is capable of two-way communications with a dedicated SIP extension and DTMF relay could be used for further extensions.
Following is the press release;

MONTEREY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CyberData Corporation, a leading supplier of Application Specific Endpoints for SIP and Unified Communication platforms, today announced the shipment of its two-way communications device, the VoIP Intercom. The VoIP Intercom is an IP-42 rated, auto answer, single button call, SIP-enabled, two-way communications device. It operates as a SIP based door entry system with DTMF access control, or as an emergency phone with mass notification capabilities.

"The VoIP Intercom allows for a cost effective access control or emergency notification, utilizing existing local area networks," said Phillip Lembo, President of CyberData Corporation. "While saving installers and end users time and resources due to its ease of installation."

The VoIP Intercom can be purchased from a number of distributors and online resellers. Please visit CyberData's website for detailed ordering information:


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