Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cutting The Cord (landline), Let Me Count The Ways

Dan York at Disruptive Telephony has a very good and lengthy article about the pros and cons of a Landline (having, not having) and what he is thinking about to do when he moves to new house. Yes with all the services I have, multiple wireless services, satellite connection, a tie to Internet2, all devices associated with these backed up with standby power (Solar powered house), I still have a landline which is tied to my DSL service. Do I make calls over that line? no, how many 911/e911 call have I made ever in my whole life? one, using a cell phone on a high way to help someone. Do I get power outages? never (so far). Can I maintain a server? there are several already running, including Asterisk. So I think I can cut the cord. Will I? Let me count the ways.

"Do I cut the landline cord and move my new home phone number into the cloud?"


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