Friday, May 16, 2008

Android Challenge, Google Phone Developer Challenge 50 Winners are Published.

Google has announced the 50 winners of the Android Challenge. These People/compnies could be viewed as a adobe acrobat slideshow or doenloadable as a PDF file from Google Code site. The file gives a brief description of the application and the and the developer information from Androidscan (a bar code reader application) to writing pad (a notebook application) with 48 other interesting applications. You can find a short list of winners here! Android Developers Blog: The Top 50 Applications
The Android Blog has this nice post; Android Developers Blog: Android Developer Challenge Judges and Top 50 Details with a bunch of comments and one drew my attention. "I thought Google was looking for some new stuff? "An app that introduces an entirely new angle on social networking, for example, would likely do better here than one that simply ports an existing mobile application to Android without adding anything new. " ("
Yes! So My Pearl of a application still has a chance,
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