Thursday, May 22, 2008

Build A iPhone SIP Client, For $5000-10000!

I caught this message on VoIP-INFO.ORG. So all you good programmers have a chance put some money in the pocket for summer or may be put a down payment for a house at the going rate!
I have no relation to this party nor I know the people. So please exercise your vigilance in dealing with online work/job offers. I am posting this hoping some telephony programmer looking for work might benefit from the offer. I do not even have an idea for rate for this type of work.
Looks like only way to contact the person is via the link given below, by leaving a comment at VoIP-info.

Following is the entire message! by one Andrea Cristofanini,
"I am offering a $5000 to $10000 USD bounty to create a SRTP/TLS SIP client for iPhone Apple.
The program should be pre configured via SMS.
Logo/images are provided.
The audio codecs that have to be supported are : GSM, ULAW, ALAW. Audio Codec G729 is a plus
The Video communication is a plus
Usability, Video & Codec option are the point for get the top bounty offer.

The time limit have to be end of agoust (August).
The source code should be documented and released to us."


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