Friday, January 12, 2007

iPhone get hammered, on battery, GSM and pirce

I myself got tagged into this iPhone PR for Steve Jobs and can't get away. I think this will be my last iPhone post for a while.
After those ooh and aaghs, now comes the hammering. First I got the dose from Scobleizer's post about The "iPhone reality distortion field" which lead me to read first five reasons by Paul Kedrosky.
I think either Apple and the gang will fix these issues, specially the battery life, the Cingular only, and the price.
I can do everything that iPhone says it does and more with $199.00 phone I got from Sprint. (I got button to press!) Imagine an iPhone if someone used it while eating a good burger! and before long there will be iPhone rub off marks on suits and shirts! Any way I hope the first batch of users will be the guinea pigs so we can get better and cheaper iPhones later, in 2008 may be. Good luck iPhone!

Paul Kedrosky 5 reasons not to like/get iPhone
Scobleizer's post completing the list


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