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Trixbox 2.0 and Trixbox 2.0 VMWARE image is released

If you are here looking for Trixbox info, Please remember that Fonality killed the Trxbox CE. But there are plenty of alternatives, Follow this link "Trixbox Alternatives", if you are interested.

Fonality gives you a new year present, Trixbox 2.0
Fonality has just released Trixbox 2.0. All the Asterisk lovers who were afraid of Linux and configurations of Asterisk, should be happy. Because the installation is even better and easier than previous releases.
Trixbox site ven boasts that “
Installs in less than 15 minutes, and features easy customizable configuration and ‘point-and-click’ updates “, and it is true, even though I only had time to play with the VMWare version.
In addition to the regular CD version, you can also download a VMWare image which you can use o test and play on a virtual machine before deploying to you SMB's or your home IPPBX, like I am doing now.
I promise you you will be happy and your VoIP experience will be a smooth ride.

Here is the press release;
LOS ANGELES – January 4, 2007 – Fonality®, a leader in open source, Asterisk®-based IP telephony systems, today released trixbox® 2.0, a free, easy to use, open source telephony and application platform. The new version, available for immediate download, can be installed in less than 15 minutes, supports multiple languages and provides increased reliability and stability, flexible user customization, and support for a wide-range of hardware vendors. The software also allows the community to upgrade individual deployment components versus having to reinstall from scratch with each upgrade. will also be hosting its first ever training Webinar entitled “Building An Open Source IP-PBX With trixbox 2.0” on January 30, 2007.

“The trixbox community said they wanted a super-reliable Asterisk deployment that removed all the headaches and that is what we strived to deliver in this release of trixbox 2.0.” said Andrew Gillis, founder of trixbox and director of community development at Fonality. “I always envisioned trixbox as a platform that would be both easy enough for people to quickly deploy and stable enough that they could stake their reputation on it. trixbox 2.0 is the realization of this vision.”

trixbox 2.0 comes with a new point-and-click package manager which lets installers, via simple clicks of their mouse, decide which applications they want to install with trixbox. The advantage to the package manager is two-fold: first, it let’s you choose how lean or rich of a deployment you need. Secondly, it informs the installer, over time, of any new updates to any packages within their trixbox installation as vendors release them.

trixbox 2.0 includes a host of packages, or applications, including Apache, an enhanced version of Asterisk, FreePBX, Flash Operator Panel, MySQL, phpMyAdmin and SugarCRM. In addition, the new release provides call detail reports, an endpoint manager, VoIP service provider wizards, deeper application integration with SugarCRM, drivers for Sangoma and Rhino voice cards and support for multiple languages including English, German, Portuguese and Spanish with more to come.

On January 30, 2007 Kerry Garrison, senior product manager for trixbox at Fonality and author of “TrixBox Made Easy,” a step-by-step guide to installing and running your home and office VoIP system, will host the first Webinar, designed to deliver important information to IT managers and integrators who want to deploy trixbox 2.0 installations. This 90-minute session will provide an overview of trixbox 2.0 and discuss what is included, system requirements, hardware and ITSP support, skills required for successful deployment, installation and configuration steps and additional resources available from

“The new features in trixbox 2.0 make it the application standard for telephony-savvy businesses and integrators deploying open source IP telephony systems,” said Garrison. “The upcoming Webinar will provide the most up-to-date and useful information about how to successfully implement trixbox 2.0 installations.”

For more information, or to sign up for the trixbox Webinar or download trixbox 2.0 for free, visit
About trixbox
trixbox, formerly Asterisk@Home, is the world’s largest community of users of open source, Asterisk-based voice over IP telephony platforms. The value of trixbox is that, in under 15 minutes , a non-technical user can download and install, not only Asterisk, but Linux, SugarCRM, MySQL, FreePBX and other applications. trixbox tightly integrates these open applications to work together on one physical server, providing companies with a PBX phone system and the surrounding applications they need to support their business. The trixbox community has the largest number of registered users and the most active forums for discussing and resolving open source telephony and Asterisk-based issues.

About Fonality
Fonality,, is a leader in open source, Asterisk-based IP telephony systems. PBXtra™, Fonality’s award winning IP-PBX product line for small and medium businesses, is based on a modified version of the popular open source Asterisk code base. Fonality has modified Asterisk to add reliability, stability and enterprise-class features, and is the world’s largest commercial Asterisk-based deployment. PBXtra uses Fonality's patent pending architecture to deliver all the advanced features of an enterprise-class phone system and call center at 40 percent to 80 percent less than traditional offerings, and is deployed to more than 18,000 business users in the U.S. and other countries. Fonality’s trixbox,, the world’s largest community of users of Asterisk-based software, with an average of 50,000 downloads a month, provides a free, easy to install Asterisk-based VoIP phone system.

Fonality and trixbox are registered trademarks and PBXtra is a trademark of Fonality. Asterisk is a registered trademark of Digium, Inc. Fonality and PBXtra are not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, Digium Inc.

For Downloads, on the Sourceforge site link given below select the 2.0 branch and correct image you need, CD(iso) or VMWare image.
The trixbox 2.0
The trixbox 2.0 VMWare Image


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