Tuesday, January 02, 2007

OpenSER, what was 2006 and new goals in 2007, OpenSER 1.2.0

It was a year full of achievements and events for OpenSER in 2006. The release in summer (OpenSER 1.1.0), and a continuous increase in features set, development and robustness of OpenSER. What was new in 1.1.0 could be read in the link given below.
Since then the Development community has expanded features and capabilities of the OpenSER and intend to release a new version, very soon.
Some of the intended features for the next version, OpenSER 1.2.0 and the beginning of 2007 are;
- domainpolicy - policies to connect federations
- imc - instant messaging conferencing
- mi_fifo and mi_xmlrpc - FIFO and XMLRPC transports for the new management interface (MI)
- perl - embed perl programming in configuration file
- presence - SIMPLE Presence Server implementation
- pua, pua_mi, pua_usrloc - presence user agent client implementations for user location records and management interface
- seas - connector to SIP Application Server - WeSIP - Java SIP Servlet Application Server (http://www.wesip.eu)
- snmpstats - SNMP (Simple Network Management Interface) interface to OpenSER statistics
- sst - SIP session timer support
- xmpp - transparent SIP-XMPP gateway

Read more about these in documentation section for OpenSER 1.2.0 in the link given below.

I am looking forward to see OpenSER opening more doors in VoIP IP Telephony and SIP technology in 2007

What was new in OpenSER 1.1.0
OpenSER 1.2.0 documentation


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