Saturday, January 06, 2007

Mark Spencer interviewed by OSDIR.COM

I met Mark a few years ago, at a Linux world Expo, in San Francisco. when I told about Asterisk to people asked me if it was shift+8. Many years have passed since then and now those same people tells me what Asterisk is, but I doubt they know much about Mark. So I direct them to any information about Mark is published.
Howard Wen of has done a good job of interviewing;
"From Analog to VoIP: Asterisk Brings Telephony Together Under One Open-Source Platform"
I like the reason for Asterisk to be. ""I had about $4,000 to start it out with, and I wasn't about to buy a phone system, so I figured I'd just make one," Spencer says."
So started the Asterisk. Follow the link to learn more about Asterisk creator, Mark Spencer.

Howard Wen's interview with Mark Spencer


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