Friday, January 05, 2007

Top 10 Software stocks 2006 and Number one is a VoIP IP Telephony company.

Fellow Blogger Burnham has a list of top ten software stocks for 2006. The post gives information about the company and a short comment for each company. The order of listing is based on stock price change and according to the post, To qualify for this list a company had to start 2006 with at least $50M in market cap and its main business had to be selling software as a license or a service.

Here is the first one, which is a Voip Ip Telephony Company.

1. Interactive Intelligence
Price Change: 340% Ticker: ININ
Comment: Pioneer in enterprise IP Telephony saw rapidly increasing sales as enterprises started to take VOIP seriously, especially call centers.

Burnham's Best: Top ten Software stocks


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