Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Standard for VoIP peering?

Anglero at Telecom's Tsunami tells us about OSP from VOIPUSER.ORG, OSP is as old as VoIP but has been used very little. All the occasions that I know, the OSP was used for billing purposes. When I ran a H323 gatekeeper, for servicing some of the big time providers requested me to provide call information via OSP. I had to get a SUN box just to run the OSP code, because it did not run on anything else at that time.

OSP is an Operational Support System (OSS) protocol well suited for managing inter-domain routing, access control and accounting of SIP transactions. OSP uses the communications protocols below to convey messages. The content of an OSP transaction is an HTTP message formatted according to the standard for MIME. Individual components in the message are XML documents and the message may be signed with an S/MIME digital signature.

So VoIP peering among all the Providers and routing of SIP information among users will provide an stable standard among VoIP users. As Anglero says, OSP guarantees that when "" is calling you, it is actually Pamela Anderson.

Telecom's Tsunami: Setting a new standard in VoIP Peering


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