Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Jeff Pulver's blig-tag takes many a turns, here is mine

A blog Game started by Jeff Pulver a few weeks ago, running around the blogsphere. Many a people have made their own and I like what Dave Gale at hitting the wire has done. I will play both!. If you you want you can follow the Jeff's version or Dave's version, links are below. SOlOSEO keeps tag on these, tracks the Daves version and invites you to upkeep Jeff's tag tracking.

Five things about me;
1. My first love is Physics, not VoIP
2. I play solo Orchestra, in my studio, even though I skipped my Piano classes
3. In 2001, I bought and sold about 15000 minutes of Voip a week, until a bad man cheated me.
4. I have been in all the continents of which about 20 countries more than I spent more than 3 months per visit.
5. I speak and write in about 7 languages, non of them properly!

I tag these hero's of VoIP and technology;
Jeff Pulver, Andy Abramson, Jo Ito, Ken Camp, David Gale You are it!

Jeffs game of Blog-Tag
Dave's version of Blog-tag
SoloSeo Blog-Tag Track


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