Saturday, December 09, 2006

Activa gives TAPI interface for Asterisk, dials out of outlook

Another Open Source application, Activa for Asterisk provides additional resources that adds additional services to Asterisk, Like call center implementations adding value in areas such as computer aided telephony, screen pop, click2dial, agent control, automatic dialing, outlook integration. TAPI enabled application interface to Asterisk is also provided via the ActivaTSP framework.

Activa package includes a basic framework that enables integration of Asterisk with your C++ applications. In addition it also includes an Asterisk TSP that is named Asterisk ActivaTSP.
ActivaTSP enables integration of TAPI based third party applications and Asterisk. The TSP itself has been developed using the basic ASTProvider framework.
As an example, one could initiate outbound calls through Asterisk using your Microsoft Outlook and other applications. Call screen-popup for incoming calls is also supported.
In addition to the above, advanced TAPI features such as ACD agent operation control and hands-free operation are being added.

The latest version, Activa TSP v1.2.2 Supports Fast Transfer (transfer without consulting) executing # + extension number.
All the functions mentioned will also work with TrixBox, what was once known as asterisk@home.

ActivaTSP home
ActivaTSP at Sourceforge


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