Saturday, December 11, 2010

Google Chrome OS, What Is Supporting The Cloud Based Computing Solution?

Google Chrome OS, Got Me Thinking
With everyone focusing on the Google Chrome OS Notebook, perhaps it is time to look beyond. I am sure some Steves are throwing chairs by now, seeing what Google is looking forward to do. Cloud dominance is the key point for the future of computing. Do not get me computing, there will be plenty of computers around, at home, at offices and behind those server room doors. What matters is what people will use.
I use to lug a notebook around before I got my iPhone and Droids. Now I leave the notebook behind because there is no real need for me to carry it around. But as soon as I reach office desk or get back home, I want my 1920 x 1200 screen, I want the real estate for my multiple development tools, multi tabbed browsers(s), twitter streams and my Google reader updates.
The iPhone and Droids have shown me what I could do with a little. Recently during a flight, I got a beep saying one of our database servers going bonkers. Using on board WiFi, iPhone and Logmein App, I took care of the problem and a few hundred of users (I am a small time guy) did not even know they were on problematic server.
Before the iPhone, I would have to wait till I landed, plug in my notebook to an airport connection and try to fix the problem. But by then, those few hundred users and many more wold have suffered due to service unavailability.
I carry two phones but that is because AT&T sucks and also because I love Droids. And I already applied for Google Chrome OS notebook, CR-48 pilot, because, I know, I will be on the cloud seven at the same time on the cloud with it.
So what else will come from Google that will make users want to hit the cloud? there are few that we, users and big boys like Microsoft should take note of, starting with;
Chrome OS notebooks like CR-48, which Google tells us that will run 8 hours or more on a battery charge and have a browser for desktop and let us do everything with HTML 5 apps. They have also demonstrated after destroying a few CR-48s that our data will be safe and we could continue to work where we left off. Basically doing everything on the cloud.
Some of those HTML 5 apps are Google Apps, which I am already using for day to day work and collaboration, will allow users to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Which is most of what regular users do. A Microsoft Office connector for Google Apps will let us sync documents with any Microsoft Office users, even ourselves, until we completely convert to Google Apps  Yes the email and other communication tools like Google Voice will be right there on a tab.
There are much more to come I am sure like Google Messaging Continuity, which I wrote about recently, will allow even those Microsoft-based email, behind the server doors, into the cloud.
I am sure those Steves are thinking hard too, but what I really want is one Google Nexus S, to start with.


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