Thursday, December 09, 2010

Google Message Continuity, A Brilliant Email Disaster Recovery Plan For Exchange And Other Email Servers.

#Postini #Google Message Continuity, Brilliant Solution For Enterprise Email
Google Message Continuity is a cloud-based email continuity solution providing greater reliability to Microsoft Exchange based email solutions. Incorporating Postini solutions and Google Cloud storage self hosted email solutions will be able to have a brilliant email disaster recovery plan.
This solution by Google / Postini —a service that helps ensure that you always have access to your email, just like Google Apps solutions that are always available. Providing the same reliability to organizations running on-premises email systems, such as Microsoft® Exchange.
Any company can run the risk of losing email access or their email data due to server outages (just server failure, network failure or even a simple update / upgrade failure) which will impact company's productivity, revenue and even company credibility. According to (*Osterman Research, 2009. “Key Issues in Selecting an Email Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solution”) a 500-person company could lose nearly $90,000 annually due to email outages. But with Google Message Continuity solution could help to avoid or prevent.

If you run Microsoft® Exchange 2003 or 2007, Google Message Continuity is a new email continuity service that can help you ensure that your users never lose access to email during a Microsoft® Exchange outage, whether planned or unplanned. By synchronizing your on-premises accounts with Google’s cloud, Google Message Continuity gives you access to your up-to-date email inboxes (through the Gmail interface) no matter what happens to your on-premises servers. And once your servers come back up after an outage, messages sent and received, plus message state changes (like deletions and folder assignments) that are recorded by Google Message Continuity during the outage, are then synchronized with your servers, allowing users to seamlessly transition from Microsoft® Exchange to Gmail, then back to Microsoft® Exchange.
Official Google Blog: Introducing Google Message Continuity, powered by Postini


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