Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Comcast Is Not Telling The Truth, Level 3!

#Comcast Is Not Telling The Truth, #Level3 #comcastvoices
Level 3 is insisting that Comcast is set to cash in on the Level 3'd Netflix CDN responsibilities and not a exchange peering dispute. Well we all know that Comcast is not a real friend of Net neutrality but just riding along..

"the crux of the dispute was that Comcast now wants to charge for access at the local network level. "If I were handing off traffic to Comcast in New York and expecting them to deliver it in San Diego, I would expect to pay for that, But that's not what we're doing. We spent billions of dollars to get into this business and expect to use that infrastructure in an efficient way." Level 3 COO Jeff Storey said at the UBS Global Media & Communications conference this morning..

At the same time Comcast continue to play the peering dispute song.
"We can certainly understand Level 3's motivations. That company seems to have cut a very bad business deal to distribute content. Level 3 is apparently (and understandably) desperate about having committed to carry large volumes of traffic at unrealistic rates that bear no relationship to the market, or to the costs any of its competitors bear. So it comes as no surprise that Level 3 is reduced to making self-serving arguments. Or that it is being blatantly opportunistic in trying to tie its bad deal to the discussion of an "open Internet."" on their blog comcastvoices.
and that does not sound like a peering issue, You can read more and find links at DSLReports


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