Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Comcast Resolves Net Neutrality, Is It Time To Xfinity?

#Comcast Resolves #NetNeutrality, Is It Time To Xfinity?
After FCC and the likes of Florida Attorney General began asking questions about traffic throttling and forging torrent packets, looks like Comcast is cleaning up the act and making ways for net neutrality.
Good timing as I am planing to leave AT&T broadband services after something like 16 years (If you count ISDN as broadband :). The only reason I stayed with AT&T because of the IP block I received, and most of my DNS runs from those IP address'. But now I am changing and I can save a lot of moola by going with Comcast Xfinity triple play!.
But one should not forget about net neutrality nor ignore as the issue is very much alive and brush up your knowledge on it. Two posts that collect a lot of information such as Comcast's lies about traffic throttling, packet manipulating, FCC and Florida Attorney General, found at DSLReports and Ars Technica.
Also do not forget to read Comcast's own blog post about the matter.
Hope Comcast has Business service for self employed.


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