Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Largest 4G Network" Ads From T-Mobile Pokes Fun At AT&T and ITU

"Largest 4G Network" Ads From #T-Mobile Pokes Fun At #AT&T and #ITU http://snapvoip.blogspot.com/
Even after ITU declared "only WiMax 2 (802.16m, or WirelessMAN-Advance 2) and LTE-Advanced can technically be declared "4G"", T=Mobile is not backing down, at least on it's ads.
Just like the Verizon's "there is a map for that" dispute with Verizon on America's Largest 3G Network, last year, AT&T is getting pressure from T-Mobiles Largest 4G network, again from Ads like "T-Mobile myTouch 4G "New Ride"".

ITU on 4G


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