Monday, November 01, 2010

Thinking Of Getting A Windows Phone 7 Device, Watch This First, HTC 7 Trophy vs Samsung Omnia 7.

#HTC 7 #Trophy vs #Samsung #Omnia 7.
Yes there are many Windows Phone 7 handsets from various manufacturers and one would think they would at least be some what the same. They definitely do not in the case of  HTC 7 Trophy vs Samsung Omnia 7.  Loading time for RetroSpace, keeps the Samsung Omnia 7 about 6-7 seconds ahead!

JonthanYong | November 01, 2010
Comparing the loading time of Retrospaced between the HTC Trophy (Vodafone UK) and Samsung Omnia 7 (T-Mobile UK). HTC Trophy on the left, Omnia 7 on the right.


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