Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Talking SIP Mobile For Android Aids Mobile International Toll Bypass.

 Talking SIP Mobile
IVR Technologies has released a Google Android compatible version of their popular Talking SIP Mobile. Talking SIP Mobile runs on Blackberry, Windows Mobile, iPhone and now Google Android and allows one to make direct and callback calling from a mobile handset at significant cost savings, bypassing high mobile international long distance rates charged by mobile carriers.
Talking SIP Mobile integrates in to the phone's native dialer and after configuring a series of rules to govern when the application is used, the user simply dials as they normally would on the telephone's keypad or from the Contact list and Talking SIP Mobile will work in the background and determines how the call should be serviced based on these rules.
As the mobile market continues to grow at an astounding rate it remains one of the last frontiers for high margin termination revenues.  As a result of this opportunity, IVR Technologies has been quick to port Talking SIP Mobile across the most popular mobile operating systems to help our customers drive as much mobile revenue as possible to their networks.  We are always looking for new and innovative ways for our carrier customers to build margins, increase revenues and add to their subscriber base and Talking SIP Mobile delivers on all these fronts," said Randall Walrond, Vice-President of Product Development, IVR Technologies, Inc. 
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