Friday, March 19, 2010

Syndicated Push Notifications On The iPhone With Notifo! (Get March Madness Score Alerts )

Notifo Syndicated Push Notifications
If you like to get web notifications from your website or any website that you can add a few lines of code on your iPhone is possible now. Once the code is in place, you can simply use Notifo on iPhone to receive notifications. There is not even an approval process.
But the best part about the Notifo is that it synchronizes all your notifications which makes it a major asset to manage all those notifications that we receive everyday. Notifo is going to make this app for other mobile platforms soon as well, starting from Android and Blackberry. Above business app notification will be a hit among those who deal with stocks.
Currently there are few services available for you to test the app;
March Madness Score Alerts
Twitter mentions of your name pushed via
Auctions for free stuff from Listia 
And Notifo is telling us that there will be more!
Notifo via Techcrunch


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