Friday, March 26, 2010

Spotify's US Launch Should Be Loved By Users And Record Companies Equally

Spotify's US Launch
When we wrote about Spotify App For iPhone  and the Spotify for Android, we were already wondering when will the application hit US shores.
The users over to pond are swearing by the app and say they have not touched iTunes since thay got the app on their smartphone or the desktops.
The application, a music streaming application, given via an invitation only scheme, already have more than 7 million users over in Europe. There are two versions, pay and advertisement supported but free. The paid version is about $14 a month, (what you pay for a single CD) and the free version, thrown in some advertisements, according to Gizmodo, one ad for every five songs or so. The paid version also gets the iPhone and Android apps mentioned above.
Another best part of the app is that your play lists are cached and you can play when the Internet connection is not available.
Service provides millions of music tracks and you can compose your lists, any which way you want. The music on the network is free and legal as Spotify has the permission of the record houses, and they are pretty current.
So get excited for Spotify's US launch and Record companies, I bet your hunt and peck through bittorrent or whatever the witch hunts you do to catch illegal downloads will be reduced. People don not bother when one can listen free.
Another benefit is sice the streaming bit rates are not that high, when user finds a new song or an artist, thay may run to the record shop or iTunes to by the high quality song and add it to their libraries.
Everybody win.


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