Monday, March 08, 2010

SIPExchange 1.1.0b From CafeSIP Is Ready For Download

SIPExchange 1.1.0b
SipExchange is a project by CafeSIP and we have been following the CafeSIP projects for a while. In addition to SipExchange, they also produce;
I is a framework for developing SIP server-side applications using the Java programming language.
SipUnit is a unit testing tool for SIP server-side applications and a bunch of common projects.
SipExchange, a feature-rich SIP softswitch, (a open-source softswitch) that provides standard SIP services like location, proxy and presencethat can be used by service providers to offer voice, video, chat and other multi-media services to their subscribers. SipExchange could be used in many different ways to manage your communication needs;
  1. Service providers can use SipExchange to offer SIP-based voice, SIP-based video and data services to their customers.
  2. Internet service providers can host specialized SIP services for their corporate customers using SipExchange.
  3. SipExchange can be used as an IP PBX for communications within an office or even inside a home.
  4. Companies can provide specialized SIP-based services to their customers and partners by extending SipExchange.
  5. Software vendors can offer specialized SIP-based services to their customers by extending SipExchange.
 You could download SipExchange and other products from


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