Monday, March 29, 2010

Chinese Root Server Causing DNS Trouble, Shutdown

Chinese Root Server Shutdown
Few days ago, Internet users in Chile and U.S.A. were affected by DNS errors due to some ISPs  providing faulty DNS information, apparently derived from China. Chinas Great Firewall of China,  uses the DNS system to enforce Internet censorship. The affected ISPs were using this incorrect DNS information. The error caused computers in Chile and the US to come under the control of the Great Firewall of China, redirecting Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube users to Chinese servers.
Netnod, which maintains a copy of its root DNS server in China, has now "withdrawn route announcements" made by the server, according to company CEO Kurt Lindqvist. This effectively disconnects the server from the Internet.
NIC Chile which operates from California was also affected. 
CSO, ITWorld via Slashdot


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