Friday, March 26, 2010

Apple Conforming To AT&T's Lousy 3G Network?

AT&T Lousy 3G Network
I have been with AT&T long enought to have cursed so much that my Grand Mother would send me directly, down under. Just last week, I dialed a friend 3 times, who was in the same room only to get to her answering machine. I also text her and the messages arrived about 15 min later. So when I see or read about high band with applications like video sreaming, I shiver.
Now when I read on TechCrunch that Apple is requiring video apps to confirm to bit rate requirements of 200Kbps and 64Kbps, during the approval process of iPhone app. The video switches to a low-quality when the 3G network is overloaded (HA HA) or only the slower EDGE network is available. I can bet from experience it will be 64kbps 99% of the time on my phone. So developers, if you are making for the US market, optimize the 64kbps streams because that is what your customers will end up watching.
Techcrunch iPhone app


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