Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Third Annual Speed Matters Survey Of Internet Speeds In The U.S.A. Report Released

Internet Speeds In The U.S.A
Speedmatters.ors has published it's third anual Speed Matters survey of Internet speeds. It is dissapointing to see that US is ranked 28th in the world!
World Ranking    Country    Average Download Speed(megabits per second)
1                         South Korea         20.4
2                         Japan                    15.8
5                         Sweden                 12.8
9                         Netherlands           11.0
13                       Germany                8.3
28                       United States         5.1

But what is worse is that careers and ISPs continue to choke customers while making very little progress in providing better access to internet in the U.S.A. It is evident that the U.S.A. has not made significant improvement in the speeds at which residents connect to the Internet.

The average download speed for the nation was 5.1 megabits per second (mbps) and the average upload speed was 1.1 mbps. This was only a nine-tenths of a megabit per second increase (from 4.2 mbps to 5.1 mbps) since last year. At this rate, it will take the United States 15 years to catch up with current Internet speeds in South Korea. The rest of the world is racing by and we seem to stand still.
I have tested and submitted speeds from a few locations in the U.S.A and make it a point to do so. I also advise you to visit and test your speed. It will help a great deal for us to get a comprehensive report next year, even though it might say we are lagging behind the rest of the world.
I have read the complete report (actually two) and I strongly suggest that you visit and read the reports and also submit your internet speed.
Please visit Speed Matters Org and help us to form a national broadband plan, someday!  I will be writing about how Ohio is doing a great job with it's broadband plan.


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