Sunday, September 13, 2009

Skype's Limited Unlimited Accounts

Skype Unlimited Is Limited
There is a nice discussion going on about how Skype fails at math. (I thought it was Ebay that failed at Math!). Andy Abramson is pointing out to another blogger, infacr Mr. Blog, David Beckemeyer, who discovered the missing bits from the Skype Calculator.
Go find the limits on your Skype Unlimited accounts!

For Skype, the limits on this so-called “unlimited” plan are “10,000 minutes per user per month, with a maximum of 6 hours per day. Also, no more than 50 different numbers in total can be called per day” (see
Can you run a business with this? Still you have to give Skype credit for publishing these limits, even though they happen to be buried under.
Mr.Blog via VoIP Watch


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