Thursday, September 03, 2009

iPhone Users To Get MMS Functionality, Bluetooth File Transfer Next Week

9to6Mac broke the news today that iPhone 3GS users will have MMS capabilities as of next week! I think for the most part people were disapointed that AT&T failed to deliver what AT&T promised with Apple when they advertised the new iPhone 3GS with MMS capabilities, and the virtues of such features.
All this comes with the new iPhone OS 3.1 that is to be released next month. I have not updated to their last os update as I have seen users suffer with battery drainage after the update. So I am still on iPhone OS 3.0.
I am not much into MMS but bluetooth file transfer that is also promised, is something I am looking forward to.
So everyone is looking forward to Sep 9th when Apple is opens up the iPod Event.
So if you have been wondering what iProd products from Apple are, this might be the day we find out!


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