Thursday, September 03, 2009

Create Talk Bots With XMPP Support On Google App Engine

Google App Engine where developers develop and launch web applications, on non other than Google's own infrastructure.

There are many apps that depends and developed using the Google App Engine. Google itself released apps like, translation bot that I constantly use on the Google talk (We wrote about the Translating chat bot a while back). I always wanted to have bot like that to help me and others but developing such a bot was not an easy task.
But now the tables have turned. Today Google App Engine team announced the release of an API that makes it very simple to build Talk bots on top of App Engine. I am looking forward to the clash of the bots!

Google App Engine SDK1.2.5 has more than just XMPP support, among usual bug fixes, tweaks, and API improvements, it now includes a Windows-based version of a useful tool, The Google App Engine Launcher!
The release notes have more information as well.

The whole technical features and more info is available from this fantastic article on Google App Engine Blog;
App Engine SDK 1.2.5 released for Python and Java, now with XMPP support


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