Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cisco Networking Academy Student Video Contest Winners Announced

Cisco® Networking Academy® Student Video Contest
Cisco Just published the winners of first ever Cisco Networking Academy Student Video Contest and the results are spectacular. I am really glad that students from many countries are encouraged by Cisco networking academy to look forward to a better academical and proffessional careers.
"This video competition was an excellent opportunity for students and alumni to showcase the skills and knowledge that they have developed through the Cisco Networking Academy. We are thrilled to see so many eager participants in this contest demonstrating the impact of networking technology and sharing their excitement in a dynamic and innovative way."  said Rosanna Bisges, senior manager of the Cisco Networking Academy. I think it is very true.
I have posted the  video which won the 1st Place "Why Guys and Girls Are Excited About IT" ( David Marshall, Jr., Adrew Maxwell, Porchia Brown: Herndon Career Center, Raytown, Mo.) but please follow and watch others as well because, as I said, they are wonderful and you will also encourage yet another youngster!

Cisco announced the winners of the first Cisco® Networking Academy® Student Video Contest. Students from across the United States entered videos in an online contest to celebrate "Why I'm Excited About IT."
Cisco Networking Academy

  • Cisco Networking Academy is a technology education program that provides students in 165 countries with networking and technical skills to prepare them for careers in the 21st century. 
  • Committed to delivering the highest standard of information technology education to students of all nationalities, genders and economic brackets, the Networking Academy is designed to offer students real-world skills that will position them for employment and career growth.
  • There are currently more than 2,200 academies across the United States, with nearly 550,000 students having completed coursework preparing them for careers in information technology.

Student Video Contest

  • In May and June of 2009, individuals or teams of up to three Networking Academy colleagues developed and submitted three-minute videos expressing "Why I'm Excited About IT."
  • Videos were judged by a panel of Networking Academy employees who selected a first-, second- and third-place national winner in each of three categories: Alumni, College and High School.
  • The final week of the contest was dedicated to a popular vote and invited the Networking Academy community to rate the top videos, providing an additional award to recognize the videos that had the highest viewership with the "Most Socialized Video."


High School
Cisco Networking Academy


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