Monday, September 07, 2009

C64 Emulator For iPhone Approved By Apple (Gamnes YES, Basic NO)

Commodore 64 Emulator for iPhone

After what seems like decades (it is after decades) you can now play nostalgic Commodore 64 Games on your iPhone. Manomio's Commodore 64 emulator for $4.99 in App store (and my iPhone) now.

The game emulator carries following features;
- Original Commodore 64 game graphics
- Original SID sound
- Auto-save, to continue exactly where you left off
- Realistic joystick and beautifully crafted C64 keyboard
- Portrait and Landscape play
- Vertical and Fullscreen gaming (auto rotate for iPod users)
The release comes with five free games, Dragons Den, Le Mans, Jupiter Lander, Arctic Shipwreck and Jack Attack.

Manomio had this to say about the approval;
"Commodore 64 for iPhone has been approved by Apple.  The road was bumpy, but we remained persistent and made the changes Apple was looking for.  Ultimately, BASIC has been removed for this release; however, we hope that working with Apple further will allow us to re-enable it.  "


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