Sunday, September 06, 2009

32 Best iPhone Apps ? games From Japan

TechCrunch's  Serkan Toto has picked 32 of their favorite games and Apps for the iPhone from Japan. Contrary to popular belief that iPhone is not a hit in Japan, ( If it is not popular, it will be hard to sell these $1000 iPhone cases.) In any case many well known developer companies like  Capcom, Konami, Sega or Namco are developing for iPhone in both Japanese and English.(The TechCrunch list excludes games and apps from these companies to focus on small timers)
I am already hooked on Memory tree, and Samurai Chess. Memory tree is a GPS based photo sharing app and Samurai Chess allows you to challenge computer of your little brother if he is online.
The other 30 are not bad either but I got get out for a brunch! I might find more from the list but for now Ta ta.



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