Friday, July 17, 2009

Open Source Policy For VoIP IP Telephony.

The Metrics of Open Source Policy for IP Telephony
BeelineBill from Digium, that Asterisk guy who flies straight has brought about a nice conversation, "Open Source Policy For VoIP IP Telephony."
I am all a open source guy, from my desktop OS, My telephony Solutions, my development tools, my office application and my open source evangelism in the enterprise and the academia. (You will be surprised how many Universities and colleges using commercial software spending millions, where they could cut huge pieces of budgets off, using open source alternatives.
But before getting into my Open source ventures and adventures, let us look at what Bill is talking about.
He has three topics that he wants cover and us to join on;

  1. Introduction to Open Source Policy for IP Telephony in the Enterprise: “Open Source Policy for IP Telephony: Are You Behind or Ahead of the Curve?”
  2. Business Analysis of Open Source vs. Traditional Telephony: “The Metrics of Open Source Policy for IP Telephony “
  3. Best Practices as applied to implementation of an Open Source IP Telephony solution: “Open Source Policy Meets ROI
I think it is very interesting and I am sorry I did not read it early enough. Without copying his entire article, which you should really read, I can just say that it is really worth reading. Even if you did not know about Open Source, Asterisk, MySQL, Linux, and Apache web services, just one link he is directing us to has extra added value, an article by Stormy Peters, Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation. She writes about "open source best practices and policy"
So educate or enahance your educated self by visiting and reading the article and find out if you are behind or ahead of the curve, as Bill put it.
Digium Blog Article.


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