Monday, July 20, 2009

ooVoo Video To Take On Skype, Cisco Telepresence.

Video Conferencing Space
You know something is good when Reuters pay attention and write two page article about it. Yes that article is about oovoo. ooVoo is not new to us, ever since their 500 minutes of free calls campaign, we have written about the company and products.
The ooVoo video came to our rescue when Skype HQ video failed us on a planned conference. (Skype Video has changed since then and provides free video conferencing for up to 25 users.) But I guess it more appealing to read the Reuters article than all our writeups about ooVoo. (I wish that capitalized all or none, it gives me figer cramps to type this name)
The article has more informationabout where ooVoo is headed and planing on taking Skype and Cisco TelePresence in video conferencing space.
"We took what we had with the consumer and packaged it with a business plan," said ooVoo CEO Philippe Schwartz who said that about 20 percent of the company's current users were business customers even before its business-targeted plan.
ooVoo's business service costs $39.95 a month per person or less, depending on the number of users in a company, ad-free. The consumer service starts at no fee to as high as $17.95 a month for six-way chats.


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