Thursday, July 02, 2009

iPhone Is The Hottest In Consumer Reports Smartphone Showdown

Best Smartphone
After comparing latest smartphone models of iPhone, Blackberry, Palm and other famous brands suggests that iPhone 3GS to be the best of the lot!
"superior display, reinforced by top-notch multimedia, navigation, Web browsing, and battery life." were marked as the features that made the difference.
But I guess they failed to check on the wide spread reports of heating up iPhones and WiFi connectivity. Perhaps that must be why they say it is the hottest feature and perhaps phone that connect with WiFi networks are not that smart, from the carrier point of view. I am not an owner of iPhone 3GS, (yet) and I had some troubles since I upgraded my iPhone 3G to iPhone OS 3.0 I have had troubles, with WiFi, irregular lockups and increased slowness. Even Skype started dropping calls, which has never happened on the same iPhone before. I hope the upcoming iPhone OS 3.1 will fix all these.
Getting back into the best smartphones, iPhone 3GS did not will all the glory!. Both Palm Pre and BlackBerry earned high marks for their messaging capabilities and Palm Pre's multitasking earned praise from the testers.
Also the new smartphone shootout also had some criteria changed, which helped phones like iPhone 3G to surge ahead and some others to drop. The newly introduced sections include, messaging, Screen and Navigation capabilities.
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