Wednesday, July 29, 2009

iPhone Can Tell You All About Your Personal Happiness

Find your happiness with iPhone.
If you already did not know what makes you happy and all the factors of your happiness, now you have a way to find out.
Track Your, a scientific research project site uses your tracking of your happiness and helps you to find ou what factors are associated with greater personal happiness. Your reasons, as well as those from other users of, will educate us about the causes and correlates of happiness.

Matt Killingsworth, a doctoral research student at Harvard University created the project as part of a research. This research is approved by the Harvard University Committee for the Use of Human Subjects. Matt works in the lab of Daniel Gilbert.

The associated Coding and design were done by Visnu Pitiyanuvath.
Man all I wanted to make calls and have fun at doing it, now my iPhone can tell me how and what makes me happy! Great!!



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