Sunday, July 26, 2009

iPhone At Hacker Conferences, 10 Tips For Being Safe.

Hacker Safe iPhone.
I was browsing through iPhone Dev Team site, Wikee. When I came across these ten tips (I only have first two tips here, click on the link at the end for the real thing.
I have been carrying my iPhone into places like DefCon and other technical conferences and I have done my bits to stay safe. But the iPhone Dev Team's list gave me much more and some that I even did not think about.
I will be at DefCon 17 and even more interesting is the the 5th Canonball run. I will be in Rodendo Beach on 29th and continue to Las Vegas the following day following the run. I do not take part but I will ride along to help out someone who does.
But what is most important is that I will be in Vegas attending DefCon 17, mostly lurking around!
So here are the tips;

  1. Disable all your login cookies in Safari. If you use the hotel or conference wifi, it is 100% guaranteed that your traffic will be sniffed. If you allow a web site (like to store your login info in a cookie, and if you connect to that site through a normal http connection, your login info will be exposed. At the very least, you'll end up on the Wall of Sheep, where hacked user info is projected on a wall. But you'll be giving up your password to anyone else sniffing too.
  2. Consider not using the hotel or conference wifi at all, especially if you're getting 3G speeds anyway. Do not have your iPhone auto-connect to known networks. If you're bringing a Mac to the conference and you use wifi, at least set up your firewall properly. Turn off everything in Settings→Sharing. Then in Settings→Security→Firewall, click “Set access for specific services”→“Advanced”→“Enable Stealth Mode”.
  3. ......
So follow the link below to 10 iPhone Tips For DefCon 17
iPhone Dev Team Wikee


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