Friday, July 24, 2009

iPhone 3GS Encryption Cracked In Two Minutes. (Video)

iPhone encryption broken, easily
The security related hacker, Jonathan Zdziarski has again got into an iPhone, through not quite a back door.
“It is kind of like storing all your secret messages right next to the secret decoder ring,” said Jonathan Zdziarski, an iPhone developer and a hacker who teaches forensics courses on recovering data from iPhones. “I don’t think any of us [developers] have ever seen encryption implemented so poorly before, which is why it’s hard to describe why it’s such a big threat to security.”

According to Zdziarski, the new iPhone 3GS is not much different from the previous incarnations of the iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 1G, when it comes to security. The earlier iPhones did not have encryption like iPhone 3GS.
With commonly available tolls like Red Sn0w and Purple Ra1n, he was able to extract live data in two minutes and he has also mentioned that a entire disk image could be made in about 45 minutes. So if a knowledgeble person to get hold of an iPhone, all the business secrets as well as personal information could be gone in little as two minutes.
Wired has a longer article.


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